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Mak Derakhshani, MBA Principal

The founder of Mak Legacy Insurance Solution, Mak has served in the financial services industry since 1980. Equipped with a diverse financial background covering a wide range of financial products, he now specializes in helping find potential solutions for the financial needs of high-net-worth individuals, business owners, and small businesses. He is passionate about helping empower people to take charge of their financial futures while removing some of the uncertainty and risks. Becoming the caretaker for his mom after his dad passed away was an eye-opening experience for Mak that gives him added perspective when helping clients prepare for possible scenarios in retirement. He takes pride in being able to delve into complex cases and find opportunities to make a difference in clients’ lives. Mak holds a Master of Business Administration degree and is life and health insurance licensed.

He can usually be found outdoors staying active through skiing, rappelling, soaring, cycling, and whitewater rafting. An avid reader whose two favorite books are Of Mice and Men and Les Misérables, Mak understands that not everyone is on equal footing on this Earth, and he is a regular supporter of organizations devoted to eliminating hunger and helping less fortunate children.