Finding ways to

How do I pass more wealth to my heirs without giving up control

How do I have more for my retirement without having to spend more

How do I provide more for key employees, partners, or owners without increasing costs

Estate planning For high net-worth individuals who want to pass more of their wealth to their heirs.

You've worked your entire life to pursue a dream. You've sacrificed, struggled, and succeeded. Now it's time to ensure everything you've built, can be passed down to help enhance the lives of your children, their children, and future generations yet to come.

Retirement Planning For high income earners who want protection and accumulation to last a lifetime.

You are a highly paid individual who is enjoying the lifestyle you've earned. You're aware that one medical emergency or one major market crash could take it all away. Let NIW strategies alleviate the fear of financial crisis in retirement.

Business planning

All business leaders know issues such as recruit & retain, buy/sell, key-man, and succession plans are important. While most don't have the cash flow to address these issues entirely, we help fix that. Our approach can either increase the return by 60-100% or reduce the cost by 30-50%.

With a unique leverage strategy, we use conservative financial solutions focused on sustainability.

Using some of the largest financial institutions in the country, NIW has facilitated billions of loans since 2000. Our solutions have proven to withstand the test of time, while reducing clients out of pocket costs.